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Narrative Publish's Wordpress Plugin

In order to publish your blogs to WordPress you will need to use the Narrative's Publisher Plug-in.

This plug-in is the bridge between automatically publishing your posts on WordPress. It is much faster, more secure and shows you a much better representation of what your blog will look like when your website is live. 




How to Install and set up the Plugin - Video 



How to Install and set up the Plugin 

1. Finish your blog and set up your publisher till you get to the "Install the plugin" screen. (If you haven't got to this point yet click here)


2. Head to your WordPress Backend and install the Narrative Publisher Plugin. 


4. Once you have installed the plugin Activate it and head back to Narrative Publish. 


5. Inside Narrative Publish press check. The app will now check if you have your plugin installed correctly.


If Narrative Publish comes back saying that the Plugin can't be found, make sure you have the right URL and have activated the Plugin. If you still run into issues, please reach out to our support team.

6. Once the app finds the plugin, you'll be given an Access Key. Click the code to copy it.


7. Go back to your WordPress Backend


7.1 Open the Narrative Plugin

7.2 Paste the code

7.3 Click on Save Changes

7.4 Make sure that the time and date match when you pasted it


8. Go back to Narrative Publish and press "Check" to make sure the code saved and is working.



If you run into the following error message, repeat the steps and insure the code is copied and saved correctly. 



If problems persist, please contact our support team at


9.  If you see a message saying Authentication successful and are taken to the Categories section, your plugin is set up correctly.






If you need a hand with anything please feel free to reach out to and we will give you a hand.


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