Narrative Referral Program
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Did you know we have a referral program open to every Narrative user? If you refer 4 friends to Narrative, you'll get a year on Pro for free!

Get a copy of your referral link, track your current referrals, and learn more in the referral tab of your account portal:


Rewards FAQs

🆀 Do these discounts work with other discounts or promotions?

  • No. Once you receive your referral discount, all other discounts will become invalid.

🆀 What is a 'Referral sign up'?

  • A ‘Referral sign up’ is someone who has followed your referral link when signing up to a Narrative product, on any plan.

🆀 When is my Referral sign up discount applied to my bill?

  • Immediately! As soon as you sign up 4 friends, you will be moved onto a Pro plan for a full year.

🆀 Which product does my discount apply to?

  • Friends who sign up to Select will contribute towards your Select discount, and friends who sign up to Publish will contribute towards your Publish discount.

🆀 How long does my discount apply?

  • You will get a full year access to a Pro plan. After 10 months of being on this Pro plan, you can start referring friends again to receive another full year on a Pro plan.

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