Using Scenes in Select
Updated over a week ago

Scenes view groups similar images together into Scenes so you can cull through your shoot much quicker. Scenes will load in after the initial project creation and may take a minute or two to appear. To enter 'Scenes View' press (S) or click on the icon in the horizontal toolbar.

By default, as seen in the image above, your Scenes will be sorted into 'Rank Order' using our First Pass assessments. This sorts your scenes to put your potential best picks right at the top of each scene. Learn more about First Pass here.

  • The keyboard arrows ↑ / ↓ will continue to navigate through the images individually and you can stay on the current scene by pressing ⌘ + ↑ / ↓ (mac) or Ctrl + ↑ / ↓ (windows)

  • If you don't need to go through every image, you can navigate straight to the first image in the next or previous scene by pressing ←/→ (arrow keys can be swapped in Preferences)

  • You can also select all images inside a scene by holding ⌘ + shift and clicking on a thumbnail (mac) or ctrl + shift + click (windows)

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