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First Pass Image Assessments
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First Pass Image Assessments Overview

First Pass is your AI-powered culling assistant. First Pass gives you Image Assessments (the colored hexagons that show up on your image thumbnails) to get you to your best photos faster. There are 3 different assessments you'll see:

Potential Pick

Unlikely Pick

Undesirable Pick

These assessments give you guidance based on relative differences between images in a scene – they are not an objective rating of a single image. For example, some images with warnings may not be objectively bad if viewed on their own – but they may be in the undesirable or unlikely category because we believe that there are better similar images in the scene.

Hover over them for an explanation, and a neat highlight that shows the scene they relate to. In the example below, the unlikely pick has a lower focus score than the potential picks and the undesirable one

Image Assessments Sort Order

You can use the sort options in the top right to change the viewing order. First Pass icons will appear when you filter by Capture Time (you won't see the First Pass hexagons if you filter by Filename or Camera/Serial). You can also change to 'Scene Time' to view the images grouped by scene in capture time order, or 'Scene Rank' to view the images grouped by scene in image assessment rank order.

Image Assessments Filter

You can use the filters in the toolbar to hide images within an Image Assessment category. To filter your images by Image Assessments, click on the icons as shown below:

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