The Publish Parking Plan
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What is the Parking Plan

The Parking Plan for Publish by Narrative is a plan that you can move to if you want to put your subscription on hold, but keep your blogs online and on your website, saving you a lot of money as this plan only costs 10 USD per year.

Once you are on the Parking Plan, your account will be frozen and you won't be able to use the Publish app to create new blogs or update existing blogs. However, all of your Published blogs will remain live on your website.

If you are on the Parking Plan and want to publish a new blog or update an existing one you will need to move back to a normal subscription. Click here to do that.

How to Move to the Parking Plan

1. Click on "Subscriptions" and click "Cancel Plan" under your Publish subscription


2. Click "Change to the Parking Plan"


3. Click "Confirm"


You should now be moved to the Parking Plan.

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