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Shot Information and Changing Capture Times
Shot Information and Changing Capture Times
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Shot Info Panel

If you want to see information about your shot, have a look at the shot info panel. Open it with (i) or via the vertical toolbar.

We’ve abbreviated the information shown by default, but you can click show more to see all the shot information.


Changing Capture Times

From the shot info panel, you can also change the capture time and date. Click on the pencil next to capture date or time, and it will open the change capture times modal. You can also open this from the top menu Photo > Edit Date and Time

From here you can choose whether to change the selected image, or change all images in your current filter view.

You can adjust the time by a relative amount which apply the same time difference to all images you've chosen (use the arrow buttons to preview what the adjusted times will look like for each image).

When you're ready, select change capture times to lock it in!


Tips for syncing capture times across different cameras (or multiple shooters)

  1. In the main Select window, filter your project to show images from only one camera (open filters and choose the camera filter, click the 3 dots to add the camera filter if it's not currently showing).

  2. Find an image from a key moment of the shoot (e.g. the kiss in a wedding ceremony) where both cameras would have been shooting at about the same time. Note the image time (easily found in the shot info panel with keyboard shortcut i).

  3. Now filter to the other camera and find the same moment and note the image number (on the bottom info panel).

  4. Clear filters.

  5. Open the Edit Date and Time modal from the Photo menu.

  6. Select the camera with the incorrect time and scroll to the filename you noted. Change the preview image adjusted time to the time you noted earlier. This will change all times on this camera by this relative amount. It probably won't be absolutely perfect but it will be within seconds of correct.

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