Rename your Images in Bulk
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If you want to rename your images in bulk, you can do this when you're first ingesting images into Select from a memory card, or you can rename your images in bulk from within an existing project.

  • Rename images in bulk for an existing project

  • Customise the image name when renaming

  • Rename images in bulk when ingesting


Rename images in bulk for an existing project

You can rename either all selected images, or all images within the current filter view. Choose one of these options to pick the images you want to rename, and then head to Photo > Rename Files in the top menu bar.

You can also get to this by clicking the pencil next to the file name in the Shot Info panel for an image.



Customise the image name when renaming

There's a lot of options when customising your image names. You can click and drag the blocks to reorder them, or click on the 3 dots that appear on each block to change / remove them.


To add more blocks, hover at the end of the row and click on the + button. A menu will pop up for you to choose which type of block you want to add.


Format options

  • Capture Time - this will add the capture time of each image to the image name

  • Capture Date - these are the dark purple blocks that show in the default formula. You can choose to add individual blocks for YYYY, YY, MM, or DD

  • Project Name - this will add the Select project name into the image name

  • Dividers - use these to separate your different text options like date from project name. You can choose to add - + _ . or a space as your dividers.

  • Numbers - this is the orange block shown in the default formula. You can choose to add numbers sequentially as per the default, or you can choose to add camera serial numbers instead.

  • Custom Text - if you just want to add your own flair to your image names, then use the custom text box to type in whatever you like!


Rename images in bulk when ingesting

You can rename all of the images you're ingesting in bulk. Tick the rename option in the bottom right hand corner of the ingest screen before hitting the ingest button.


This will apply the default formula which starts off as 'YYMMDD-Project Name-Seq. from 0001', e.g. '20220101-New Years Shoot-0001'

If you click on the linked text 'default formula' you can customise the format. Once you've created your favourite format, click Save As Default to apply this format and save it for when you ingest your next project!

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