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Import (Ingest) your Images Directly from a Memory Card
Import (Ingest) your Images Directly from a Memory Card
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What is Ingest?

Ingesting is where you copy files, usually from a memory card or your camera, to your computer or a hard drive.

Ingesting your images with Select helps you:

  • Copy and organise your files with ease - easily copy files from your memory card into neatly organized folders on your Mac or external drive

  • Secure your most important assets - your photos are safe once they've been copied, even if something were to happen to your memory card

  • Get faster Image Assessments - your images get scanned as soon as they are copied, meaning more advanced features will be ready sooner.


How to Ingest with Select

  1. When creating a project, click on 'Copy (ingest) images from a memory card onto a computer or hard drive'

  2. Choose your Memory Card

  3. Have more than one memory card from your shoot? You can ingest from multiple memory cards by choosing add another memory card to keep going!

  4. Pick your Destination Folder from the Finder window. If you haven't created a folder, you can create it from this dialogue. All images are selected for ingest by default. You can alter this by clicking on the tick boxes.

  5. Now Select will Ingest (copy) your images then import them into the project.


Note – ingest does not yet automatically create a new folder for your images in your destination, so if you ingest to a folder that already contains images, all images in the destination folder will be shown in the project.


How to manage folder structure, duplicates and image names with Ingest

Include subfolders

When first choosing where to ingest from, you can tick 'Include subfolders'. This means that we'll show all images in your origin folder plus any images in subfolders. If you switch this off, you'll only see images from the specific folder you are selected on.


Maintain folder structure

If you tick 'Maintain folder structure, the structure of the folders in your origin will be maintained when you copy them over. If this is not ticked ingest will take all your chosen images and put them in the same destination folder.


Change/Locate Destination Folder

If you need to change the destination folder or locate it in Finder, you can do so by clicking on the three dots:


Don't include duplicates

This means that if you already have the same image in both your origin folder and destination folder before ingest, we won't copy the same file again, or overwrite the existing one.


Rename your images

You can rename all of the images you're ingesting in bulk. Tick the rename option in the bottom right hand corner of the ingest screen before hitting the ingest button.


This will apply the default formula which starts off as 'YYMMDD-Project Name-Seq. from 0001', e.g. '20220101-New Years Shoot-0001'

If you click on the linked text 'default formula' you can customise the format. Once you've created your favourite format, click Save As Default to apply this format and save it for when you ingest your next project!


How to Ingest More after you've created the project

If you've already created the project but realised you've missed a memory card or there are more images you want to copy into your source folder, you can ingest more into the same destination folder and project via the File menu:

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