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Create a New Project
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Projects are the way to organise your work inside Select. The ‘Projects’ screen can be accessed by clicking on the purple Narrative icon in the toolbar.

Creating a new project

Step 1 – For each new shoot, you can create a new project through different methods.

If your files are on a memory card and you want to copy them to another location before starting the project, Select can do that for you by using the ingest option at the bottom of the screen. To learn more about ingest, click here.

If the image files are already on a hard drive or your computer, create new project through the following options:

  • Click on “Choose Folder”

  • Drag your image folder into the app


Step 3 – The image folder’s title will be transferred automatically as your project title.

Click on the title if you want to change the name and click 'Next'.

If you always want Select to use the folder name as your project name, you can opt to skip this step for future projects.

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