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Customise Select with Preferences
Customise Select with Preferences
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In the Preferences Panel you can set up your workspace settings and adjust them to your workflow.

You can open the preferences panel through any of the options marked below:


General Preferences

Set up your ratings and toast settings and default filmstrip views:

  • Auto-advance to the next image after adding, changing or clearing a rating

  • Clear the rating with a duplicated rate

  • Show a toast notification when rating, with keyboard shortcut reminders and when in zoom mode

  • Choose vertical or horizontal filmstrip view


Keyboard Shortcuts Preferences

Choose the shortcut controls for when moving between scenes and images


Assessments Preferences

Choose your settings for image assessments:

  • Eye and focus assessment color preferences

  • Choose how eye and focus assessments display (only eyes, only focus, both or none)

  • Show assessment icons in Face Zoom

  • Choose how to eye and focus assessments display in the Close-ups panel

  • Choose to include or ignore background faces

Import Preferences

Here you can enable the option to apply the folder's name as the project title or disable it to rename the project's title upon import.

You can choose to automatically generate high-res previews for your RAW files that have a small preview upon import.

You can also choose the default sort order after import.


Interface Preferences

In this section you can choose your filmstrip settings that will apply to your projects including the orientation of the filmstrip and visibility.

Also you can choose your canvas color.

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