←/→       Prev/next image	(arrows can be swapped in preferences)
↑ / ↓      Prev/next face
Shift←/→ Prev/next scene
⌘←/→ Cycle through images in the current scene
⌘shiftclick Select all images in a scene

Space      Quick zoom to face. Space again to exit.
z          Zoom into/out of preset zoom level
–          Zoom preset level out
=          Zoom preset level in

i          Show/hide shot information
⌘,        Show/hide Assessments
⌘N        Show/hide face frames
⌘Z Undo (rating + rotate)
⌘shiftZ Redo (rating + rotate)
esc        Reset loupe view


/ or .     Show/Hide Close-ups (Split)
⌘/ or ⌘.  Show/Hide Close-ups (Full)
o         Unlock Close-Ups panel
click Click on a face on the image or Clouse-ups panel to lock
⌘click Hold command and click to lock multiple faces


⌘A      Select all thumbs	
⌘[      Rotate image left
⌘]      Rotate image right
⌘E Ship select images to Lightroom Classic


1,2,3,4,5    Rate Stars	
6,7,8,9,p    Rate Colours
0            Clear Rating
⌘Click filter      Hides images with this filter
(Activate Auto Advance via the 'Rate' menu)


G      Grid view	
E      Loupe view
Y      Change filmstrip orientation
⌘Y Hide filmstrip

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