My images aren't loading after import (grey thumbnails)

If you've created a new project and your images aren't loading and just show a crossed out grey thumbnail like below, that means your images are currently incompatible with Select. Either you are using a file type that isn't support yet (check here to see current supported file types).


If you are using a supported file type, like CR3 for example, and the image still isn't loading, then it's likely the image is recorded with an HEIF preview instead of a JPG preview. Select (and many other apps) use this preview image by default to quickly show you the image without needing to process the complex raw file. Currently HEIF previews are not supported, and your images will need to have an embedded JPG preview.

We may add HEIF compatibility in the future, though in the meantime, you could try turning off the setting for HEIF previews on your camera with the menu option: HDR PQ shooting = "OFF"

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