Face and Focus Assessments

Once your images are imported you will see small indicators below some of your subject’s faces. You can change the colour scales for these indicators in Preferences.


The ellipse indicates our assessment of their face. We have over 17 different assessments that our AI picks up and we're adding to that all the time. Here are some of the current ones:


The line underneath indicates our assessment of their focus. The default colours are red for bad, yellow for probably bad and green for good. Think of them as warning lights on your car’s dashboard – they're there to alert you to possible issues. Hover over them to see the score out of 10. You can change the colours of the assessment indicators in preferences.


We’re constantly updating our models and thresholds to make them as good as we can, but please feedback where you see anything that is incorrectly labelled. If Select has missed faces or is not showing Assessment information, read this.

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