The Toolbar



What Is the Toolbar?

When Building a blog, the Narrative Publish toolbar is your best friend, it will help you navigate the app, build your blog faster and have a much better experience while doing it!




The Toolbar's content


The Home Button


When inside any blog hit this button and you will return to the Narrative home screen. 



Blog Title and Drop-Down


This section of the toolbar allows you to see the title of the blog and also jump between others very quickly. If you click the drop-down arrow you can quickly jump to another post. 



Workspace Settings

The workspace settings button allows you to choose what panels you want open, the gallery and the utilities panel. By default they are both on, but you can turn them off.


The title of each option suggests what they will do.


The Folder Button


The folder button is where you will find the options around the source folder which is connected to your gallery, you can learn more about them here



The Blog View Size

This option in the toolbar allows you to change the size that the blog appears in the app. If you press on the minimize icon you will zoom out, allowing you to see more of the block, if you click on the plus icon, you will zoom in, seeing less of the blog. 



The Magic Wand Button


The magic wand button basically builds your blog for you, click here to learn more. 

If you run into any issues, please contact support at




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