Narrative's Magic Wand button is the fastest way to build a blog inside Narrative, all you need to do is click this button and bam! You now have the basic structure of your blog. 

When you click the Magic Wand button it inserts 21 images into the blog layout in a pattern of 1 large image with 2 images side by side underneath it. This pattern is repeated 7 times. 

You can press it multiple times and it will keep adding more and more images, all the way until you have no more images inside your gallery. 

The Magic Wand button uses the first 21 images in the gallery. Therefore to customise which images get added to the layout use the "Gallery Filter options". 

For example, if we adjusted the filter options to only show images with 4 stars and then we clicked the Magic Wand button, only images with 4 stars will be used to build the blog. 

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