General Edit FAQs
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Why should I use Edit?

Edit will modernize your workflow as a professional photographer. There’s no risk in trying Edit, as you get 1000 free credits to start off with.

As photographers ourselves, we are obsessive about creating technology that helps you, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

With our bleeding-edge technology and constant product updates, we are confident that Edit will cut your culling time in half. You can see a full list of our game-changing features here.

What are Styles and how do I use them?

In Edit there are a few different Styles that you can use, they are;

Personal Styles

This is a Style trained on your edited images (at least 2500 images of your choice), you can have many Personal Styles as you like but they must be of images sets that are consistently edited. Your Personal Styles will improve over time as you use them and make additional edits in Lightroom.

Artist Styles

These are Styles created by influential Photographers that you can use without the need to train. These are readily available as you'd like to use them, and we will be adding even more Styles from influential and respected Photographers over time.

Note: Narrative offers one free style "Light & Bright", which you won't be charged to use.

How much does it cost to use Edit?

When you first use Edit, you start off with 1000 free credits to use on either your own personal AI style, or Artist Styles.

1 credit = 1 edited photo.

Once you have used up your credits, you can continue using Narrative for free with our free style. If you wish to use your personal AI Style, or an Artist Style then there are a number of paid options available to suit your budget, with pay-as-you go or pre-paid credit packs.

How do I use Edit?

Edit has been built directly into Select. Once you're done culling your shoot, simply hit the "Ship" button and you'll see the option to apply your Personal Style or an Artist Style. It's as simple as that.

Can I use Edit offline?

Yes! Edit can be used without a connection to the internet, however you will need an internet connection to train your Personal Style in advance.

I don't see my question about Edit!

No problem, for more detailed help, check out our other Support Articles, or reach out to our expert team using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

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