Artist Styles
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When you're shipping your images from Narrative Select + Edit to Lightroom, you can use an Artist Style - these are Styles which have been trained by professional photographers from all over the world!

Browse Artist Styles

Firstly, make sure you're in the Projects home screen. You can navigate here by clicking on the Narrative logo in the top left of the window.

Click on the Styles tab on the left hand navigation bar. Now you're on the Styles home screen, where you can browse all the different Artist Styles. Double-click an Artist Style to check it out.

When you're browsing an Artist Style, you'll see a short description about the Style, and a gallery of images where you can preview before and afters by hovering over each image. This is a great way to see what Artist Styles are capable of.

Ship with an Artist Style

To use an Artist Style, begin by clicking the Ship button in the top right of your Narrative project.

In the Shipping menu you will see all of our Artist Styles, your Personal Styles and our free Narrative Style.

Select your chosen Artist Style, and then hit the Ship + Edit button at the bottom of the menu:

Having trouble with Shipping? Check out this article here.

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