Training a Personal Style
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How to Get Started Training your Own Style

Watch our quickstart tutorial guide for creating your own personal style:

Or read through the steps below:

Firstly, make sure you're in the Projects home screen, you can navigate here by clicking on the Narrative logo in the top left.

Now click on the Styles tab on the left hand navigation bar. On the Styles home screen, click the Create a new Style button, then give your Style a name.

Training and Levelling up your Style

When you get to the Style builder screen, you need to add at least 2,500 images that have been edited in a consistent way. The more consistently edited images you add, the better your Style will be!

  • If you have more than one distinct Style you can train multiple Styles once you've finished training your first Style.

  • If a Lightroom catalog is not showing up you can add it manually via the browse button on the left-side panel.

  • Make sure you have Smart Previews generated, or your raw files are connected to the Lightroom catalogs.

  • Ensure that your images are downloaded onto either your computer or an external drive.

You can select the folders or collections you want to use from inside each catalog, or choose the 'All catalogs' option in the top left to select them all.

Starter, Standard and Master Styles

When you're training your Style, there's three different grades, Starter, Standard and Master. The more images you add to your Style, the more accurate your Style will become, causing it to level up to the next grade.

Starter requires 2,500 images

Standard requires 6,000 images

Master requires 15,000 images

Filtering images

There are additional filtering options on the right for if you want only specific rated images in each catalog or if you want to use all edited images in the catalog, or just edited + exported images from Lightroom.

Once you have chosen your images, click the Upload & Train Style button in the bottom right.

Now, your images will be converted to DNG, then uploaded. When uploading, leave Narrative Select + Edit open, but feel free to change tabs.

When all images are uploaded, the cloud training happens which is how Select + Edit learns your editing Style. You can close Select + Edit now if you like. It may take a few hours to train your Style.

Once your Style is ready, you will receive a message through your Narrative email, and you can officially start using your Style! ๐ŸŽ‰

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