Improving Your Personal Styles
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Starter, Standard and Master Styles

When you're training your Style, there's three different grades, Starter, Standard and Master. The more images you add to your Style, the more accurate your Style will become, causing it to level up to the next grade!

Starter requires 2,500 images

Standard requires 6,000 images

Master requires 15,000 images

Improving your Style automatically through Lightroom

After you've shipped your images from Narrative Select + Edit to Lightroom with your chosen Style applied, if you correct and export any images, we'll pick up these changes and after every 100, we'll use them to retrain your Style.

Your updated Style will be automatically retrained and ready in the app so you don't have to do a thing!

Modify or add more Images to your existing Personal Style

Once you have trained a Personal Style, you can modify that Style at any time to either remove some catalogs, or add new ones.

Head to the Styles tab, select the Style you want to add or remove catalogs from and click Modify Style.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the Style you want to improve and click Modify.

Now you’ll see the Style builder screen with images that currently comprise your Style, plus any other catalogs that have been detected.

You can add new folders, or remove existing ones. When you're done, click the Modify Style button in the bottom right to update your Style with your changes.

This will begin to re-train your Style with the new images you've selected, improving your Style!

While your Personal Style changes are processing, do not close Narrative Select + Edit.

Once your Personal Style is ready, you will receive a message to your Narrative email, now you can start using your new and improved Personal Style! 🎉

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