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How to add or change your card details
How to add or change your card details
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How to update your card

  1. Click here and log in to your account.

  2. From the menu bar, choose Subscriptions

  3. Click the Change Card button.

  4. Enter your new credit card details and click Update.

Once update, your old card will be deleted and replaced with your new one and we will start billing the new card from the beginning of your next billing cycle.



How to add your card

You can add your card details through the steps below:

1. Log in to your account portal here

2. Click on the Subscription tab, found on the left side.

3. Click on Add Card to add the new payment information.

Once the details have been added, click on "Add" to confirm


How to remove your card

You can only replace or add a card through your account portal so if you need to remove your card from file, you'll need to get in touch with the support and they can action this for you. You can reach them either through the chat bubble in the bottom right, or via email to [email protected]

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