Publishing to Wix
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Publishing to Wix

Before uploading your post you need to have your publishing settings saved. If you haven't done this, have a look at the article here.

Once your publishing settings are complete, the steps below will guide you on how to do upload to your website via code.

1. In the Publish app, click Publish to start uploading your post.

2. Once the upload of your blog is complete, click Copy Link to copy your post's HTML to your clipboard and head to your Wix website.

2. If you have the 'Wix Blog' app, and then head to the Blog menu, open up Posts and click 'Create New Post'.


3. Click the plus icon and choose 'HTML Code'


4. Paste the code you copied from the Publish app, and click save! Your Publish blog should now appear so you can put your finishing touches on and set it live on your website.

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