Can I Really Use Select for Free?
Updated over a week ago

Here at Narrative, we want to give all professional photographers the chance to modernize their workflow with a tool that is truly free.

On Select Free, you get access to use all of our core and advanced features on 4 projects per calendar month. If you reach your 4 project limit and still have shoots to cull, you can continue to create as many projects as you like, but will only have access to our core features on the additional projects. Your first 4 projects each calendar month will always have advanced features enabled.

If you upgrade to the Select Pro plan, you get access to all of our core and advanced features across all of your projects!

If you had any hesitations about trying out a new image selection tool, you can sign up to Select for free without having to worry about trial end dates or upcoming subscriptions. No credit card required. You won’t regret it!

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