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Lightroom can't see the tags or reject labels I apply in Select
Lightroom can't see the tags or reject labels I apply in Select
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T for Tag isn't working in Select?

The Lightroom equivalent options for tag and reject are only available in the MacOS version of Narrative Select. If you're using Windows, we recommend using the colours and stars instead (e.g. maybe red for reject and green for pick).

Why can't Lightroom see the tags or reject labels I apply in Select?

Although Select’s tag and reject labels are written to metadata so your ratings are safe, no other programs can read them, including Lightroom. Only star and color ratings are universally accepted amongst image software.

Why can't I ‘Flag as Pick’ my images in Select?

Lightroom’s 'Flag as Pick' ratings are written directly to the Lightroom catalog and are never written as metadata. No software except certain Adobe apps can read and write these ratings.

How to get Select’s tags to work with Lightroom

Method 1: Ship only your tagged images from Select to Lightroom. Then, in Lightroom select all the images and apply ‘Flag as pick’ (P) to all of them.

Method 2: In Select, apply the ‘tagged’ filter. Now select all you images and apply a color or star rating – for example ‘p’ for purple. Lightroom will be able to read this.

Method 3: In future projects, consider switching to a star or color rating instead of using tag and reject. They function in exactly the same way, but Lightroom is able to read them.

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