The Gallery Panel

The Gallery Panel is a very important part in building your blog. It's the connection between the source folder you have picked and adding images to your layout. What ever image appears here you can add to your blog. 




You can add any images that aren't grayed out. Once you drop one into the blog it will gray out, these images are then unavailable.


However, you can still drag grayed out images to your blog, you will then be asked if you want to duplicate the image and then you can add it. This will also duplicate the image in the source folder.


The Filter tool

In the bottom right of the gallery panel you will notice a filter icon. This will open the options and settings for you gallery.




Hiding Images

You can hide images from the gallery by selecting the image in the gallery and then pressing the "h" key this will remove it from the main gallery. If you want to access your hidden images, you can find them by clicking on the filter button and checking "Show hidden images".


This will show your hidden images at the bottom of the gallery. 




Split used images

To make it a bit easier to blog you can also split unused images from used imaged, just open the filter option and turn on "Split Used Images"




Auto add new images

If you turn on the auto add new images option in the filter options you ever time a new image is added to the source folder of this blog it will be added to the bottom of the blog. 




Ratings and Labels

You can also filter the images that show inside the gallery by adding a star rating requirement or a label requirement, this is done by click on the stars or the labels in the filter options like this. Click on any of the filters to remove them. 





The filter button also gives you the option to choose how you want your images to be sorted in the gallery.




The Folder button



The folder button in the toolbar allows you to change settings about the source folder of blog that is shown in the gallery. 


Show in Finder: This will open the source folder in a finder window

Change Folder Location: This will open a finder window for you to pick the new source folder, once a new source folder is selected Narrative Publish will import the new images.

Refresh Gallery: The images in the gallery will be refreshed.

Reset Cache: This will clear and reset the cached images in your database, only do this if a support agent asks you to. 





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