Add a Download Images Option to your Blog Post

How to add the Download Button

1. Drag the download button from the gallery panel to the desired location on your post.


2. After you've added the Download Button to your layout, click on it view the edit options available on the inspector panel.



Editing the Download Button

From within the Selected Block tab, you can change the following settings:

  1. Title :The title is the text that will display in the button.

  2. Fill, Hover Fill, Line, Hover Line: These will give you the option to apply a color option for each (Black, Grey, White, or Transparent).

  3. Style: The style will change the shape appearance of the button. You can choose from Rectangle, Rounded, or Pill.

  4. Size: This adjusts the size of the download button (Small, Medium, or Large).

What do users actually download?

When a user is on your blog and they hit 'download images', it will initiate a download. The user will download a zip file that has the same title as your blog post.
When un-zipped the user will find a folder that contains each of the images within the post. Side-by-side images will be delivered as single images, ready for the user to share the images on social media etc.

Please note: The images will be downloaded with an image width of 1500px. This feature is not an alternative image delivery for your clients. It's designed to be used to send sneak-peeks and therefore the images as at a reduced image size.

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