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My Edits failed to ship, will this still use my credits?
My Edits failed to ship, will this still use my credits?
Updated over a week ago

I shipped my images with an Edit Style, however, they didn't appear inside of Lightroom?

All ratings and edits are stored on .XMP files, these files store changes to metadata without changing anything on the original file. What this means is that If you ever attempt to ship your images from Narrative to Lightroom but they do not appear inside of Lightroom, you do not have to worry as you will not lose any of your Edits on these images.

You can reattempt your ship again using the same images, or manually import these inside of your Lightroom Catalog and your Edit Style will load automatically.

Make sure you keep your .XMP files in the same folder as your RAWs or you will lose your ratings and Edits.

I tried to ship with an Edit Style but was met with an error?

Your credits will only be deducted once your selected Edit Style has been successfully applied to the corresponding .XMP file of your image. This means that in case of a failed ship, no credits will be charged.

You can attempt shipping again without any worries, as your credit balance will remain unchanged.

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