Getting Started with Editing
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Need help getting started?

In Narrative Select + Edit, you'll have access to our Narrative Free Style and Artist Styles which you can use straight away from the shipping menu. You can also create your own Personal Style. Watch our Quickstart video below to get started creating your Style!

Edit, by Narrative is our new AI powered image editor.

By uploading your previously edited images, Edit’s AI can learn how to edit in your style. When you Ship your images to Lightroom Classic they will show up already edited in your style. Woah! At first you might need to make a few tweaks here and there where it got muddled up – but your new smarty-pants AI Style will quickly learn from its mistakes by collecting your corrections and become more accurate over time, becoming your new savvy editing assistant.

Edit is paired up with Select so it fits into your workflow like a glove.

Ingest, Cull, Ship and Edit all in one app.

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