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Can I Change the Source Folder for my Post?
Can I Change the Source Folder for my Post?
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What Is the Source Folder?

The source folder is the folder that you pick when you start building your Narrative blogs on the create blog screen. It is the folder that contains the images you want to blog. Any image that is inside the source folder will show up inside the gallery.

If you add new images to the source folder they will also appear inside the gallery.

If you remove your source folder you will see an error message and a little red triangle will appear at the top right of the images. While the source folder is disconnected you can update the blog and remove images as, however you cannot export or add new images, in this case you will need to change the source folder.


How to Change Your Source Folder

1. Press the folder button in the toolbar

2. Select "Change Folder Location"

3. Find the folder in Finder and open it

Your source folder should now be changed.

The following occurs when you change source folder:

  1. If an image with the same name appears in the new folder, it is mapped to what is currently in Narrative Publish.

  2. If an image isn't in the new folder, the image will have the red triangle appear in the top right.

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