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Resize and Rearrange Images with the Recycle Container Layout
Resize and Rearrange Images with the Recycle Container Layout
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Easily cycle through image layout options using the new Container Recycler making it even easier to create a beautiful blog.


Container Recycler

The Recycle Container Layout button will help you customize and rearrange your post's layout more easily and creatively than before.

What is a Container?

A Container is a frame that contains layout blocks, the Container Recycler will cycle through the potential location of these blocks, helping you quickly design your blog.

What is a Block?

A Block is an element that you can add to your layout, such as an image. The blocks that are currently in Narrative Publish are Images, GIFs, Text Blocks, Blank Spaces and Download Buttons.

Note: Currently Publish only supports Container Recycling with 3 or fewer blocks inside the container. If you would like us to support containers with more blocks, please let us know.


How to use the Container Recycler

The Container Recycler is super easy to use.

1. Click on the image you'd like to change. This will open the Selected Image panel on the right of your screen.

2. Now hover over the Recycle Container Layout Button. You'll notice the turquoise corners highlighting the boundaries of the container that is selected.

3. Click the button to recycle the layout options.

Easy as that!

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