Using filters in Select
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When working on your project, your filter options will be closed. To view them in your workspace, click on the filter icon as shown below:


Once the filters are opened, the Image Assessment and Star Rating will be shown by default.

When applying a new rating type to your images, like using red labels, the colour filter will be ‘ticked’ within the other filter options.

To view more filter options, click on the three dots. You can add or remove filter options by 'ticking'/'unticking' them.


If all are filters are enabled you'll see them all displayed, like in the example below:


The small number below each icon indicates how many images have that rating applied. To filter your images, click on the corresponding icon in the toolbar.

If you hold ⌘ (mac) or Ctrl (windows) and click on a filter, you can quickly select every other filter except that filter. Useful if, for example, you want to hide any images you applied a red colour filter to.

Check out this article to read about our focus score filter too!

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