Publish Autosaves for Use Across Multiple Devices

When you create a new post in Publish, it will automatically sync to your account as you work. This means that if you're on the go and need to access your Publish account from a different computer than usual, it should be as easy as logging in.

This also works well if you have any colleagues or employees who help with your blogging. They can log in and create the post, ready for you to review and Publish the next time you jump on!

When you're logging in after creating a post on a different device, just know you won't be able to reconnect the source folder as it will be associated with the first device you created the post with. When you open the post, click 'View Post Anyway'. You may see little red triangles on the images, but you should be able to continue working as normal.

If you're having any trouble with this, first check that you're logged into the right account by heading to your account portal.

Failing that, feel free to send a message to and we'll help you out 😄

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