How to Move or Copy your Images (Export from Select)

If you don't want to ship to your editing software straight away, you can move or copy your selected image files to a different folder or a new location.

Moving files is much like a cut & paste action, while copying files is like a copy & paste action. In both methods, it will take all files associated with those images including the XMP that stores your ratings.

Have a look at the options below for how to do this. 


Moving your files

You can move your images with these 3 methods:

Right click on your highlighted selection > Move File(s)


Going to the top menu bar and clicking File > Move Files


Using Drag and Drop




Copying your files

If you rather copy your selection to a different folder, have a look at the methods below for how to do this:

Right clicking on your highlighted selection > Copy File(s)


Going to the top menu bar and clicking File > Copy Files


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