Where Can I Find My Access Key?

In order to get the Access Key, make sure you have Narrative's plugin installed and activated on your website's backend. After doing so, follow the steps below:

1. Open the blog you want to publish and click on the gear icon as shown below to open the publishing settings to retrieve the Access Key:


2. Make sure all of your website info is there and click on "Continue/Check" until you reach the Access Key window.         


3. Click above the Access Key to copy it


4. Go back to your WordPress backend
   4.1 Search for Narrative's plugin
   4.2 Paste the code
   4.3 Click on Save Changes
   4.4 Make sure that the time and date match when you pasted it


5. Head back to the app to finish the last steps:


2021-09-08_at_12.23.png      2021-09-08_at_12.26.gif


Once the publishing settings have been updated you're ready to publish through the plugin method.

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