Getting your images from Select into Capture One

Getting your images from Select into Capture One

Note: this article is only relevant if you use Capture One to edit your images, if you use Lightroom to edit your images click here.


There are two ways of getting your images into Capture One once you have finished your selection. Here are the three ways:


Option 1: Drag and Drop

1. Highlight the images in which you want to import into Capture One.


Note: to make highlighting the easier, you can use the ratings filter on the toolbar and then press "command + A" to highlight all the images with that rating.


2. Open Capture One...



If your Capture One looks like this then you can just head back to select, drag on one of the images and release them into Capture One.


You're images will now start to import into Capture One and you can begin editing them.



If your Capture One looks like this, due to already having images imported into the catalouge then you will need to first, click import in the top left.

Then, drag your images from Select into the window and your import will begin.


Option 2 – Import in Lightroom

Inside Lightroom, import the folder where the images are saved. This will import all the images so you’ll have to apply a filter to get your selection.



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