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Training my Personal Edit Style Failed
Training my Personal Edit Style Failed
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If you're trying to train your own Personal Edit Style and it fails, double check the following things:

  1. If you are having trouble training a large number of images, please try again with a smaller amount. We recommend using less than 16,000 images. If you continue to experience difficulties with 16,000 images, we suggest starting with an even lower amount.

  2. If your catalog is stored on a network drive (NAS), it must first be copied onto your computer or an external drive.

  3. If you're using a cloud based storage system such as iCloud or OneDrive, ensure that you have all the files related to your catalog downloaded to your computer.

  4. Ensure you have allowed all permissions for Narrative, you can do this by going to System Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Files and Folders:

  5. Ensure that Narrative is up to date, you can do this by clicking 'Narrative Select' in the menu bar, then 'Check for Updates'.

If you're experiencing any other issues or the article above hasn't resolved your issue, please contact support via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

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