Shipping Images with an Edit Style
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Shipping Images with an Edit Style

In order to ship your images using an Edit Style, you first need to create or open up a project of unedited RAW images in Narrative Select + Edit. If you're new to Narrative, you can learn more about creating a project here.

When you’ve finished culling your images, click the SHIP button.

Choose the images you want to ship and which catalog you want to ship them too, and then on the right you can choose which Style you want to edit the images in.

Click your chosen Style and then hit the SHIP + EDIT button at the bottom.

Pro vs Free Styles

Artist and Personal Styles, otherwise known as Pro Styles, require credits. Our Narrative Style is entirely free of charge and doesn't require any credits.

Using Credits to Ship Pro Edit Styles

When using an Artist or Personal Style, you'll go through a confirmation screen that will tell you how many credits you'll use and your balance before and after editing.

When using any Pro Edit Style, each image consumes 1 credit. This means if you were to Ship 80 images with a Pro Style, it would require 80 credits. All Narrative users will receive 1000 credits for free to begin editing with!

Next, in the Edit Summary step, click CONFIRM to go ahead with your edits!

Make sure to not close Narrative Select + Edit while your images are being edited in your chosen Style.

After you’ve finished importing into Lightroom you will see your Style automatically applied to your images!

Applying Edits without Shipping

If you'd like to use Edit without shipping to Lightroom, you can do this by toggling off 'Open in editing program' inside the Shipping menu, next hit the 'EDIT IMAGES' button at the bottom of the window. Your chosen Style will be written on to the XMP sidecar files inside your source folder.

Adding new Styles to images that have already been Edited

You will only get charged one credit per image, which means you can try multiple Styles on the same image for no extra cost!

One thing to note – each time you want to try a different Style on the same image you will need to either Ship to a different LR catalog, or remove them from the existing LR catalog first.

Having trouble with Shipping? Check out our article here.

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