Getting your images from Select into Capture One
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Getting your images from Select into Capture One

Note: this article is only relevant if you use Capture One to edit your images. Shipping directly to Capture One is also only available on Mac. If you use Lightroom to edit your images click here, or if you're looking for a windows option try selecting all the images you want to ship and dragging them onto the Capture One icon.

Getting your images from Select into Capture One is super simple! Once you have finished your selection follow these steps below to learn how to get your images into Capture One

1. Click the ship button in the top right.


2. Select Capture One from the drop-down.


3. Apply the rating filters for which images you want to ship. In this example, we are shipping the images with a 5-star rating (partial shipping is not yet available on Windows).


4. IMPORTANT: Give Select access to importing images into Capture One by pressing OK


Your images should now be imported into Capture One with your ratings that were applied in Select. If you run into any issues, please try the troubleshooting steps below.




Select does not have permission to control Capture One.


If you see this message or a similar message explaining that Select does not have access to Capture One then you will need to enable this in your preferences.

1. Open System preferences


2. Navigate to Security & Privacy and find the Automation tab.

3. Under "Narrative Select" tick "Capture One"


4. After you have allowed Select access to Capture One return to Select and ship your images again. Capture One should now open and contain your shipped images.

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