Please note, there are two ways to publish your completed post. This post shows you how to publish via Narrative's publishing service, there is also the option to export your post as JPGs

How to Publish to Wordpress via Narrative

  1. Click Publish

If this is the first time you have published with Narrative you will be asked to input your WordPress URL.

3. Input your URL - eg.

4. Select WordPress as the Domain Host.
Please note, there is also the option to use the auto-publish feature but we suggest trying this after you have made your first post as 'auto-publish' is still in beta.

5. Press Continue

6. Your images will now start uploading.

7. Once the images have finished uploading the blog status will be changed to Published.

To learn how to un-publish a post, click here.

8. Click 'Copy Link' to copy your posts HTML to your clipboard.

9. Log into your WordPress website.

10. Create a new blog post.

11. First, add any additional content you would like in the blog post (such as additional text, titles, comment blocks etc).

Continue these steps if you are using a version of WordPress that is older than 5.0.0. Click here for 5.0.0 or newer. 

12. To add your Narrative post, Select the text editor tab.

13. Paste your Narrative code.

14. Press preview to view your post.

Wordpress 5.0.0 or newer

12. To add your Narrative post hover over "add text..." and click the plus icon

13. Find the "custom html" button and select it

14. Paste your code from Narrative

15. Click the preview to see your blog. 

Please contact our support team if you have any issues whatsoever.

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