Please note, you also have the option to export your post row-by-row as JPGs

Once you have completed your post and you are ready to publish to your Squarespace website follow these steps:

Within Narrative

1. Click Publish

2. If this is the first time you have published with Narrative you will be asked to input your Squarespace URL.

3. Input your URL - eg.

4. And select Squarespace as the Domain Host.

5. Press Continue

6. Your images will begin uploading.

7. Once the images have uploaded, click copy link

Within Squarespace

1. Open your Squarespace website and login

2. Create a new blog post or a new page

3. Add a code block by first selecting an insert point

4. Select 'Code' under the 'more' section

5. Delete any text already in the box

6. Paste the code that you copied from Narrative earlier. The box should look like this:

7. Click apply

8. To check your Narrative blog has loaded successfully select 'preview in safe mode'

9. You may wish to make any other changes above or below the code block, do this now.

10. To view the full Narrative post select 'save' and select the post.

11. When you are ready, select Publish.

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