Ship to Lightroom Troubleshooting

I couldn’t import some or all of my images into Lightroom Classic.

Have a look at the following scenarios that could be leading to this issue and how to troubleshoot:

  1. If your images appear greyed out and un-selectable in the Lightroom import dialog after shipping, it’s probably because your images have previously been imported to this Lightroom catalog.

    There are 3 easy ways to resolve this:
    • In Lightroom Classic, select all of the images in the project, right-click, then click ‘Metadata’ > ‘Read Metadata from File’.
      Note: This will overwrite any edits or ratings you made in Lightroom.
    • Or– Ship your images to a new catalog.
    • Or– if you want to keep the same catalog, simply remove the folder from Lightroom and Ship again. Note: If you made any edits or applied ratings in Lightroom you’ll lose that information if you remove the folder.
  2. Check your hard drive is plugged in and working.
  3. Double-check the filter settings in the Ship dialog. The small text description on the right of the filters explains which images you’ve selected.
  4. It could be related to the way your external storage device is configured. Try moving the folder to your computer or a different storage device. Then, in Select, click ‘File’ then ‘Change Source Folder’ and select the new folder location. Now try shipping again.

If Ship is still not working, please contact our support team.

If you can’t or don’t want to use Ship you can import your images through the following methods:

  • Import directly via Lightroom.
  • Pick the images in Select and drag and drop them directly onto the Lightroom or Capture One icon in your dock.

My images were imported, but my ratings didn’t show up


Ratings you apply in Select are written to XMP files which are saved in the same source folder as your images. In order for Lightroom to read this information the XMP files must be in the same folder as the images when you import them into Lightroom.

So firstly, check that there are XMP files in your source folder like the example below:


If your folder contains the XMP’s, go to Lightroom and import that source folder directly. Once imported, you will be able to filter your selection inside Lightroom. 

If no XMP’s are found, please contact support.


I’m trying to update my ratings

Once you’ve imported images into Lightroom Classic they are written to a Lightroom catalog. Lightroom will read any information associated with your images during import – but, from then on, you have to specifically ask Lightroom to check for updates to changes made by 3rd party programs such as Select. 

To do this:

  • In Lightroom, select all of the images in the project, right-click, then click ‘Metadata’ > ‘Read Metadata from File’. Note: This will overwrite any edits or ratings you made in Lightroom.



My tagged (t) images don’t show the flags (p) 

Tagging your images in Select (T) is the equivalent and works practically the same way as 'Flag as Pick' (P). However, as 'Flag as Pick' can only be written and read inside Lightroom, due to this, the tagged image won't translate as flagged.


You can resolve this by:

1. Adding them manually in Lightroom once your images are imported

2. Applying a different rating in Select and then shipping to Lightroom

My project’s images are stored in my external drive but I want my selection to be stored in my local drive when shipping to Lightroom

If you want your images to be stored in a different location, you can resolve this through the following steps:

  1. Select your culled images
  2. Right click
  3. Then click on “Copy Images”
  4. Choose the folder that you want to store it to in your local drive


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