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What are Image Descriptions?

Image Descriptions allow you to add cohesive descriptions to your image which uniquely describe the images. These descriptions would allow someone to understand the contents of the images even if they couldn't see the image.

These are primarily used for SEO purposes to help your blog post rank higher. These descriptions will be used as the Alt text of the image and also the title of the image.


Image Description best Practices:

We suggest that your Image Descriptions should describe the image in a way that if you closed your eyes and heard it, then you would be able to get the idea of the image. These should be unique for each image.

For example, an image description like

✅ “A couple walking through the New York Botanical Gardens

is more likely to rank higher than

❌ “New York Botanical Garden Photographer


How to Add Image Descriptions

1. Click on any image inside your blog post and the Selected Image tab will open in the right hand side panel

2. Look for the SEO Image Description option and type your description.

3. To quickly move to the next image press the "Tab" button, from there you can quickly type the next images description.






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