How to turn off Ajax loading in Squarespace

Ajax loading explanation

Some Squarespace websites use Ajax loading. Ajax loading is not compatible with Narrative and will need to be disabled for Narrative posts to successfully load.

If Ajax loading is enabled on your website a Narrative post will load when you go directly to the post on your website but will not load if you click through to the page from within your website (such as from your home page). 


How to disable Ajax loading

Option 1 

  1. In the Home menu click Design, and then click Style Editor.

  2. Scroll down to Site: Loading.

  3. Uncheck Enable Ajax Loading



Option 2 

Disable Ajax loading manually (best for themes that do not have the option to disable Ajax loading)

  1. In the Home menu click Settings, Advanced and then Code injection

  2. Insert this line of code in the Header box

The pasted code should look like this:

If you run into any issues with this please get in contact with Narrative Support.



Squarespace themes with Ajax loading

Updated 19th March 2018


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