How Pricing and Plans Work for Narrative Publish

Narrative Publish Plan Options


As you might have noticed there are a few options when it comes to picking a plan, here we will do our best to explain the key differences so you know what one to pick. But don't worry, if you find out you've picked the wrong plan its easy to change. 




Lite Monthly - $9 per month
Lite Annual - $6 per month, billed annually ($72)

Basic Monthly $12 per month
Basic Annual $9 per month, billed annually ($108)

Pro Monthly $20 per month
Pro Yearly $15 per month, billed annually ($180)


Key Differences



What is an Active Blog Post?

In most of the plans there is a limit for the number of active blog posts you can have. If you reach this limit and want to publish another blog you will need to remove one published blog post or upgrade your account. 

An active blog post is a blog post that you have made inside Narrative Publish and then have successfully published it through the publishing feature. If you have published correctly it is likely to be on your website. 

It will also have this tick on the home screen of publish and inside the blog post, it will have the "published" status. 

You can also view your active blog posts from the online post manager, click here to learn more about the post manager

At any point you are able to unpublish or remove an active blog post, however if the blog is currently live on your website, unpublishing or removing will also remove it from your website.

Important: Blogs only count as active blog posts if they have been published, if they are just inside your Narrative app and haven't been published then they won't count towards your active blog limit. 

For example, you could have 24 blogs in your Narrative app and only have 4 of them published, therefore you would have 4 active blogs. 

We understand this might be a bit confusing, so please get in contact with our support team if you need a hand with any of this 🙂



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