How to Update Narrative Publish


How to get the latest version of Narrative Publish


Before you update Narrative Publish please ensure that Narrative Publish is in your applications folder.


  1. Open Narrative Publish

  2. Select 'Narrative Publish' on the menubar

  3. Select 'Check for Updates'

  4. If an update is available, select 'update' to start the download and perform the update. Now you're up to date.





Switch on Auto update


We highly suggest enabling Auto update as we frequently update Narrative Publish with bug fixes and feature updates.


  1. Select 'Narrative Publish' on the menubar

  2. Click on 'Preferences'

  3. Tick the Auto update checkbox shown here:



When I try to update I run into "Updater Error"

If you are trying to update your Narrative publish and are running into an error message like this or run into any issues updating, have a look at the steps in this section for how to resolve




1. Open your current version of Narrative Publish and export a backup of your database. 

You can do this by going to the top menu bar click on 'File' > 'Export Backup'


2. Once you have a back up of your database, click here to download the latest version of Narrative Publish. 

3. When the download is complete, move it to your applications folder and open it and you should see your blogs. If this is the case, delete the other old version of Narrative Publish. 


If your blogs aren't showing you will need to import the database that you exported in step 1,.

You can do this by going to the top menu bar click on "File" > 'Import Backup'


You should now be on the latest version and able to update to newer versions when one is released. 


If you run into any issues please contact support at 


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