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Common Issue one: Blog not loading unless you refresh the page


If your blog is showing only one image or only loads when you refresh the page, it's likely that your ajax loading is stopping your blog from loading correctly.


Click the button below to learn how to resolve:




Common Issue Two: Post not displaying in the Squarespace page editor


You will need to preview your post live on your website.


  • While editing the post, click 'save' and refresh the page.



Common Issue Three: Only one image or only preview text is showing on live page


  1. As mentioned above, please be sure to disable Ajax loading if this is enabled for your website.

  2. It's possible that you may have accidentally edited the HTML that you copied. Please return to Narrative Publish and copy the code again to ensure it is correct.

  3. Make sure the code is inside a code block and not an ordinary text block. Click here to follow the publishing steps again.

  4. Make sure the post is published and live, click here to check it on the post manager or check it inside your Narrative Publish App.



Common Issue Four: Not on a business Squarespace plan


If you are only on the personal plan for squarespace then you will not be able to add a code block to your blog posts. Therefore you will either need to upgrade to the business plan or export your blog post to jpgs and upload manually. This article shows you how to export. 




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