Suspended Narrative Account


If you have found yourself here it is likely that your Narrative account has been suspended. If your Narrative account is suspended your published blog posts will not be live and you will not be able to use the app at full functionality.


Reasons for account suspension

Subscription Payment

A possible reason for your account being suspended is that you have an overdue payment. This means that we tried to charge your account at multiple different times and for some reason the payment did not go through.


Narrative will try to charge your account up to three times over a seven day period. If your payment is still failing after the third time Narrative tries to charge your card your account will move to a suspended state.


If this was the reason your account is suspended you should have received a few emails saying we failed to charge your card.


Click here to learn about why your card may have failed.

If you are unclear on why your card is failing please contact Narrative support.


How to Resolve

The best way to resolve this issue is to update your account with a new card or update the current card with newer details. Click here to update your card.


Once you have updated your card your outstanding payments should automatically be charged to your card and your subscription will be active again.


If you update your card and your subscription is still in a suspended state then you will need to contact Narrative support and ask them to charge your card to reactivate your subscription.


Please contact Narrative support if you need a hand getting any of this sorted.


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