How to Delete Keychain

This should only be performed when authorised by a member of our support team. 


If you are unsure about any of these steps, please click on the chat bubble in the bottom right of the website and speak to support before you do anything.


  1. Shutdown your Narrative Publish app if it's open

  2. Press ⌘command + spacebar to open 'Spotlight Search'

  3. Type: Keychain Access

  4. Choose Keychain Access - marked by a set of keys icon

  5. Press the lock 🔒 in the top left corner to unlock the keychain – you will need to type in your mac password

  6. In the top right hand corner in the search box type:

  7. Select all three instances of 

  8. Right-click and choose 'Delete 3 items'

  9. Open Narrative Publish and sign in

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