How to Completely Reset Narrative Publish



The method below will completely delete Narrative Publish from your computer, this will delete all local posts and cached files. 


Take this with precaution. Always back up Narrative Publish first. 


If you delete your local files, all published blogs will remain online.



How to reset Narrative Publish completely


1. Quit Narrative (cmd + "q")

2. Open your applications folder and drag Narrative to the trash



3. Open up a finder window

4. Holding the option key head to the tool bar and find Go > Library and open it.

5. Inside Library find the containers folder, open it and find the com.softwareltd.narrative folder. 



6. Delete that com.softwareltd.narrative folder. 


You'll now need to delete your Narrative keychain information


7. Open your Applications folder followed by the Utility Folder

8. Find and open "Keychain Access"

9. Inside Keychain search for "Narrative" and delete all the keys name ""



All of your Narrative files are now cleared, download a fresh version of Narrative here.



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