How to use Narrative Publish on Multiple Devices

Best practices for using two devices on Narrative Publish

You can sign into Narrative Publish on multiple devices with just one account making it easy to blog anywhere you have access to a device. If you own more then one computer, such as a MacBook and an iMac you might want to have Narrative Publish on both of these devices. 

Currently, Narrative does not sync your blogs so it can be sometimes confusing logging into a different device and not seeing your normal blogs. There are a few ways you can go around making sure that all your blogs are safe and you make the best use of both of you devices!


Method One: Back-up and import every time

Method one uses our automatic back up feature, to learn how to turn it on click here. 

1. On the first device, turn on automatic backups.

2. Use Publish as normal on the first device.

3. When you want to start using Publish on the second device, open Publish on the second device.

Note: if there are different blogs on this device that you want to keep you will need to merge your databases to avoid overwriting them. To do this contact support.

4. If device two is fine to be overwritten or has no blogs in it, find the latest back up from device one, open Narrative Publish, head to the toolbar and click import backup.



5. Find the back up and select it. You should now have the exact same database and blogs that is on device one. 

6. Once you have updated or create new blogs on device two, repeat the steps above, replacing device one with device two to have both devices up to date. 


To ensure you always stay up to date make sure you do this every time you switch between devices.


Method Two: Have separate databases

The second method is to just have separate databases on both of the devices, it isn't too often that once you have finished a blog you need to update it, and if you do, there is a decent chance you'll have your device with you. 

This also ensures that you don't overwrite any of your blogs when moving around your databases.


How this works?

On each device use Narrative Publish as if the other one didn't exist, you will then have a few blogs on one device while a few on the other. This is perfectly fine and you shouldn't run into any trouble. 

If you start using this method and then decide you want to go to method one, just contact support and ask them to merge your database.


We understand this isn't the ideal situation and can sometimes be quite annoying, we hope and plan to bring syncing in the future but do not currently have an ETA for this. 

Please contact support if you need a hand with any of this as we'd love to help.

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