How to Backup Your Narrative Publish Database


How to Back Up Your Narrative Database

1. Open up Narrative Publish

2. Head to the top toolbar and click on "Narrative Publish", then click "Preferences" 

Your preferences should now be open.
3. Click on "Backup" and then tick "Backup local database" 

4. This will now open a finder window, choose the location that you would like to back up to. Once you have the location click select and your back up will start being created

We highly recommend backing up to an external source like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or an external device as this will ensure that you have continual access to your databases.

How the automatic back up feature works

The automatic back up feature ensures that you have the most recent version of your Narrative database backed up, so if something goes wrong you can restore a previous version.

When you select a location Narrative Publish will create a new folder which inside will store your backups. Each time you use Narrative Publish it will create a new back up at a maximum of one per day.

Once your reach 5 backups Narrative Publish will remove the oldest one and add the new one, this is so databases don't take up too much space on your computer.

In the future we will be adding more user options and preferences to this feature. 


Why you should back up your database

We highly recommend setting up the automatic back up feature. Currently, Narrative Publish does not sync your blogs to the cloud and blogs that are published do not contain enough information to rebuild your blogs if you lose them. 

Scenarios where you need a back up:

  • Your computers hard drive has failed

  • You lost your computer

  • You accidentally did a deep clean of Narrative publish

  • You deleted a blog by accident

  • Your blog became corrupted. 

If in these cases your database was backed up to the cloud or another device it would be easy to restore your blogs, however, without them you have likely lost your blogs together. 

Please use the automatic back up feature, it is super easy and effective. 


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